A State Called Franklin

For four years,  settlers in the northeast corner of modern day Tennessee proudly proclaimed themselves residents of the brand new state of Franklin.  At that time (the 1780’s) our new post-revolution Congress had not yet solidified the procedure for statehood, and the settlers who had bought land in the spinoff from North Carolina didn’t all agree on where lines should be drawn.

Franklin had already established its own legislature, elected a Governor, and wrote a state constitution.  But the larger state of Tennessee fought (literally) for the land, and after a bloody battle in 1788 Franklin was absorbed into Tennessee.  But pride in one’s past doesn’t die easily, and if you travel to that part of Tennessee today you may find yourself doing business with The State of Franklin Savings and Loan, or The State of Franklin Real Estate Company.

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2 Responses to A State Called Franklin

  1. Hope Barron says:

    Lynn!!! I didn’t know this about Tennessee…. I know I’m supposed to be living in Tennessee/Franklin….. the Great Smokey Mountains 🙂 ahhhh dreaming

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